Count Chuggular's Hawaiian Vacation

by Sorry Not Sorry

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released March 28, 2016

Doge: guitar
Phatty Pigglez: bass
Bill Gates: drums
Chad Kroeger: crying in the corner 'cos nobody likes him



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Track Name: Chuggin' on Jugular
do not pass go! do not collect $200!!!
Track Name: Snorgasm
When you're so bored you have a...
Track Name: I Like To Stop At The Duty Free Shop
Do you know how much duty is?
Track Name: Shameless Meshuggah rip
When you get an 8 string you will inevitably rip Meshuggah. It's science. Also, comparing this to what they do is arrogant and disrespectful - they'd never write anything this crap.
Track Name: Jacques' Strap
I'm a stupid moron with a big butt and my butt smells and I like to kiss my own butt.
Track Name: Life, uh, Finds A Way
Some frogs have been known to spontaneously change SEX in a single SEX only scenario.
Track Name: Clots of Misery <Painters are in visiting Aunt Flo remix>
This can only be played once a month
Track Name: T-turn around
Jesus: Very well. I shall perform the miracle. Behold. Here you can see ordinary water, clear, clean. Okay now, turn around. [Stan looks at Jesus quizzically. Jesus is now holding the pitcher] Er, nuh, tur- turn around. [Stan turns away and Jesus quickly switches pitchers] Uh, okay now, turn back. [Stan turns back] It is now wine!
Stan: That's it? That's how you did that trick?
Jesus: Wuh well, yeah.
Stan: That trick sucks, Jesus.